A Survivor Shares Her Breast Cancer Fears & How She Overcame Them

Sarah’s Breast Cancer Fears & How She Overcame Them

Breast Cancer FearsBeing diagnosed with breast cancer is one of the most frightening situations a man or woman may face in their lifetime. About 12% of women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

The important thing is not to let the fear of cancer consume you. You are still here today and you still have a life to live. Fight breast cancer and never give up.

Sarah Pascual was diagnosed at the young age of 27. As a young breast cancer patient, she knew what it was like to fear the unknown and possibility of losing the battle to breast cancer.

Today, she is cancer-free and is sharing how she overcame her breast cancer fears in the video below.


Sarah Pascual:  The scariest part of being diagnosed with breast cancer was how fast my tumor grow because it started out as small as a shooter marble and it ended up being about the size of the pool ball and then I had a second tumor grow and so when we were trying to figure out my treatment plan, the doctors were like we need to take you and have the mastectomy done now.

But because I was in the school I wanted to do chemo first because I didn’t want to have to wait out of school because I was recovering from surgery and they told me you know, right now the cells having gone into your chest wall and if they do we are going to have to take out part of your muscle, so I kind of had scared from that and I was like okay take it out and that to me was scary.

But now that I have been through it because I was diagnosed stage 3 at that time, but now that I have been through breast cancer when they told me that I was cancer free now the scary part is when I haven’t any aches or pains or I have a cough that lingers far longer than it should. 

The thought of recurrent scares me, but what I do to get through it is just pray and keep on living every day because every day is the fight and even if I do end up having breast cancer come back, I am just going to keep on to what I am doing right now which is living and fighting.