A Survivor Talks About Her Breast Cancer Book Pink Lemonade

Why Did Tamara Severin Name Her Breast Cancer Book Pink Lemonade?

breast cancer book Pink Lemonade Survivor Tamara Severin wrote an award-winning breast cancer book called Pink Lemonade. When she was going through her breast cancer journey, she created a commentary on her experience.

She began journaling her emotions and thoughts throughout her breast cancer experience. At the end of three long years, she realized that she had enough information.

This was information that no one ever told her as she was going through this difficult time in her life. This is what encouraged Tamara to organize all of the information she had gathered to create Pink Lemonade.

Find out more about Pink Lemonade and why author Tamara Severin titled her breast cancer book this way.


Tamara Severin:  So, while I was going through my breast cancer journey, I was e-mailing and creating a sort of commentary on what was happening and it was more of a factual, what were the events that took place this week and sometimes, I would talk about how I felt.  At the same time, I was journaling, so I remember just putting a lot of feelings and lot of emotions along with some of the facts into the journals, so at the end of the three years, I realized I had a lot of information and I had a lot of information that I had gathered that no one had ever told me.  I had to learn the hard way.  So, at the encouragement, I actually said I can do this.  If I can get through breast cancer, I should be able to write a book, right.  So, I spent many-many months putting it together and I have to say that all of the journalling and all of the information that I have recorded made it easier because you really do forget.  So, I took all of that information and I went to work to put the book together and a theme that kept coming up while I was going through the breast cancer was boy you sure getting a lot of lemons, boy what you are going to do with all of these lemons you are getting and I thought I am going to make lemonade, I better, so I thought well it’s pink you know the whole breast cancer color is pink, so that’s why name the book Pink Lemonade and I really tried to talk about how these can be viewed as lemons everyday, but at the end of the day, it all works out for good and you want to have some lemonade at the end of the day.  You just don’t want to be sour, so really that’s why I named it Pink Lemonade.  I wanted it to enrich the lives of the women that are going through breast cancer, give them a bit of heads up.  Every woman’s journey is a little different, but there are somethings that you can go in to saying, I remember reading about this.  Okay, I am better prepared now and I also wanted people who have no idea how to help someone be able to read this book.  I purposely made it very thin easy to read book not a big thick manual and I wanted them to read it and say I had no idea that this is what she was going through and now I realize this is how I can help and so this book I hope is a nice bridge between relationships and between the patient and the doctor and the actual situations that are taking place and so far is doing well I just won a book award for best independently published book and it was for women’s health, so I was really happy to hear that and get that award.  I am hoping more and more women and really the people who love those women will get the book and check it out.  I have a web page of course, it is www.tamarakayeseverin.com and you can get the book at my website.  I also have a Facebook page for public figure Tamara Kaye Severin and on that page I continue to talk about things that are changing in the health world.  I post a lot of healthy recipes.  I talk about living a sugar free lifestyle and I just post a lot of upbeat positive things and that’s on Facebook, so it’s really easy to get to on a daily basis, but my website is where you can order the book and I also post if I am going to be speaking in an area.  I do a lot of speaking engagements, so if anyone wanted to book me or find out about the book that would be easiest and best place to go.