Chemo Brain Explained

What is Chemo Brain?

Chemo BrainChemotherapy has many side effects, including a memory problem breast cancer patients and survivors refer to as “Chemo Brain” or “Chemo Fog”.

Those who experience Chemo Brain experience cognitive impairment that makes it more challenging to remember things like where they placed their keys or even organizing their schedules.

People face these minor changes on a daily basis, so it’s difficult to decipher if Chemo Brain is the sole cause of memory and concentration problems in patients and survivors.

Find out more about Chemo Brain from a few breast cancer experts Lisa Schneider-Cipriano and Dr. Daniela Bota in the video below.


Lisa Schneider-Cipriano: What exactly is chemo brain and what are some of the symptoms?

Dr. Daniela Bota: So in a very simple way chemo brain is defined as the problems with your brain functioning during and after chemotherapy treatment that can be related to the fact that people get chemotherapy and those problems are very or somewhat my big very smart like inability to remember where you put your car key, which happens to all of us. Some of the patients may have problems making executive decisions like how to organize their kids’ schedules or how to be able to go on a  for other patients can be more serious and be similar was the early stages of dementia was numerous memory complaints and
difficulty learning and difficulty expressing themselves.