Do I Need Radiation Treatment for My Breast Cancer?

Do I Need Radiation Treatment?

Radiation - 150x150Even though radiation therapy is one of the most common treatment options for breast cancer, not all patients need to undergo this treatment. Radiation therapy is an effective way to destroy cancer cells in the breast. Although advantageous, radiation is one of the harshest treatment options for your body. Many concerned patients try to find out if they need radiation therapy.

Afshin Forouzannia is a board certified Radiation Oncology doctor in Orange County, California. In this video, he discusses which breast cancer patients may potentially benefit from radiation treatment and why he would recommend radiation to those patients.

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Afshin Forouzannia:  Not all patients necessarily need radiation therapy, but I am going to take a few moments to discuss who are patients that may potentially benefit from radiation and why we look at radiation to those patients.

Most patients that have lumpectomy will probably need radiation therapy.  There are a few exceptions, some patients that have very low risk features may not benefit from radiation, but that is a small selected group of patients that you need to discuss with your physician whether you fit that criteria.

Some patients that have mastectomy may not need radiation, but those that have high risk features like multiple lymph nodes involved, large tumor, tumor extending to the skin, even despite having a mastectomy or a high risk for recurrence will benefit from a course of radiation therapy.