Do Mammograms Have To Hurt?

In this video, Laszlo Tabar explains why mammograms do not have to hurt.

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Laszlo Tabar, MD: No the mammogram does not have to hurt, and you know quite many women do not ever complain about it. These are the women who have, once again talking about breast density, who have only adipose tissue under the skin.

But you understand that if a woman has dense breast, or even worse if there are menaces or large fluid-filled ducts we call cysts, in the breast and then the compression plate is coming and is compressing it, then it is going to hurt. So if you have a cyst in your best, you should tell the technologist that, please do the compression slowly or gently.

On the other hand, there is help here, that is if you experience at previous examinations that the mammogram hurt much then ask the technologist whether they have access to that foam which can be put over the cassette table or on the underside of the compression plate or both and then you are going to experience much less pain.

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