Dr. Susan Love Shares New Breast Cancer Research Discoveries

Dr. Susan Love Shares the Latest in Breast Cancer Research

Breast Cancer ResearchDr. Susan Love is an American Surgeon. She is regarded as the most respected women’s health specialists in the United States. She founded one of the most well-known breast cancer research organizations, the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.

She is the Chief Visionary Officer of the organization and the prominent advocate of preventative breast cancer research. She says that the key to ending breast cancer is research.

In December, Dr. Susan Love attended the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. This symposium is a giant collaboration of organizations to advance progress against breast cancer. The latest in breast cancer research is presented in this symposium.

In case you didn’t have the chance to go to SABCS, Dr. Susan Love shares the latest in breast cancer research in the video below.

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Dr. Susan Love:  I think that the most of what we have learned so far at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Meeting has actually been that it’s more complicated than we thought or than we hoped.  Now, we thought about that there would be one target that the tumor would be one kind of tumor and you would be able to do precision medicine and figure out what kind it was and then you will be able to give the exact right drug to match that kind and everything would be great.  The problem we were finding is heterogeneity that the tumor in different parts of the breast might be different and might have a different target and in addition over time it changes, so we might look like its one kind of breast cancer may be HER2 positive breast cancer to start with, but then when it metastasis, it might be estrogen positive or may be its triple negative, so it has the ability to mutate and is continually mutating, so the target doesn’t remain the same and this idea that we have that we hope that we would be able to have precision medicine and just figure out what the target was and the drug the at the target and everything would be great looks like its not going to be so easy.  The more exciting thing we have learned though is that the breast cancer may be more immunogenic than we have thought.  There are some cancers that tend to inspire an immune system response like melanoma and renal cancer, but breast cancer was thought not to be very immunogenic and yet its looking like at least in the triple negatives and may be even in the HER2 positives, there may be much more of an immune response than we thought and we might be able to harness that to help us treat it.  There was some interesting studies yesterday suggesting that Herceptin which is the drug that’s used for HER2 positive breast cancer, we thought it worked by targeting the epidermal growth factor and turning it off, but it may actually work by turning on the immune system and may in fact be the first immune drug unbeknownst to us and I think we are going to see more combinations of immune kinds of drugs and targeted drugs as we try to hit cancer in more than one direction.

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