What Options Exist For Hair Loss After Chemotherapy?

Hair loss after chemotherapy can be devastating. But, there are options to ease the process with National Hair Centers.

Hair Loss After ChemotherapyIf you know that you’ll be undergoing chemotherapy, there are options that can help you cope with hair loss before you’ve even begun the process. The team at National Hair Centers are able to consult with you prior to beginning chemotherapy to choose and fit a wig that closely matches the style you already prefer. With a wig already chosen and ordered, by the time that hair loss occurs, your appearance is the same.

But fitting a comfortable, realistic wig is only one of the ways in which National Hair Centers can help. If you’ve recently undergone surgery and are unable to shampoo your hair, National Hair Centers offers a free shampooing service. Likewise, they offer free haircuts to help ease the effects of hair loss after chemotherapy.

Video Transcript

Eva Lucarelli: Let’s talk about what’s available for women who are about to lose their hair due to chemotherapy.

If you are a breast cancer patient about to start chemotherapy, there are several things we can do to help you. One is if you come to us before you start chemotherapy, we are able to fit you and design a wig for you so that when the time comes that you lose your hair, you won’t be able to lose your natural look along with it. We are able to fit you, style it, color it, do whatever you like to make your appearance the same as you were before you start it. That helps women because now no one knows that they are going through chemotherapy. Their appearance is the same. Their look is the same. Their friends and family don’t have to see them without any hair. It gives them the confidence of what they had before they were diagnosed with cancer.

National Hair Centers of America is the largest hair restoration facility in the United States. NHC has helped thousands of cancer patients by providing them with custom hair loss solutions. National Hair Centers has been selected as the exclusive Arizona partner for Recover with Confidence.