How Has The Oncotype DX Test Changed Breast Cancer Care?

How Did the Oncotype DX Test Change Patient Breast Cancer Care?

day-to-day lifeHave you recently been diagnosed with breast cancer? If so, what are your treatment options? Will chemotherapy hurt or help you?

It’s important to know that not every person diagnosed with breast cancer will benefit from chemotherapy. But, personalized breast cancer treatment is increasingly becoming the norm.

In this video, Dr. Suzanne Klimberg explains how the Oncotype DX test revolutionized personalized breast cancer care.


V. Suzanne Klimberg:  Well in a couple of ways, one is that the patient can look to a single provider to really guide them through, I always call myself a psycho-surgeon for a number reasons, but the fact that we can help them make some decisions and that’s really the hardest part.

I have got a number and what does that mean, how do I make the decision, so we help them make that decision and that number or the recurrence score has helped us so much, made it so much easier and it’s so easy to understand.

I got a low recurrence score or I have got a high recurrence score and I don’t benefit, if I have a low recurrence score, chemo is not really going to help me and so that has helped probably two thirds of our patients, they don’t even need to go see the medical oncologist, they don’t need to go through all that, meet another doctor and have to go through the whole thing again and have any tests that are involved for therapy.

However, you have a high recurrence score, we are going to be start doing some extra tests on you like PET scans and so on, so this is, I think, has done a number of different things to help allay the process for patients going through this disease.