Leap of Faith: Nurturing Your Sexuality After Breast Cancer

Sometimes cancer robs us of our faith, and we can slip into fear and distrust.

If this has occurred for you, it’s time to take a leap of fsexualityaith and assume that you will be guided to know what you need at the right time and in the right way. Your past disappointments don’t lead to doom and disaster if you let go of resentment and fear. The only way we can synthesize past experience is to take healthy action with an open heart and with the knowledge and belief that what we need will be shown to us. Life is an invitation, and a leap of faith invites the right actions and experiences for us. By the way, I’m not talking about your spiritual beliefs or faith in anything other than you.

This applies to our faith in our body and sexuality as well. No matter what has happened, you are here now and trusting yourself and your faith can lead you to actions that will give you what you want, regardless of the results your are getting now. Faith requires letting go of impatience and instead, participating fully. Ask for guidance in it will come. You can transform your perception of fear into love, through action, and then miracles come.

Even if you can’t see it clearly, it is possible to experience a wonderful intimate and sexual life. It requires a vision for what that might be coupled with taking action. Just thinking about it won’t change anything. If you want more intimacy, what is one step you can take today in that direction? It can be a baby step; the important thing is to take a step. Take a moment to close your eyes and ask what step to take. Wait until you have a thought, feeling or knowing what it is. Then take that step with the faith that it will lead you to the next step.

As you begin to ask for guidance and take action, keep some notes in your journal of the steps you are taking, how you feel as you take them, how they lead to the next step and so on. Soon you will realize that you are taking leaps of faith that move you closer to your heart’s desires and into pleasure.

If you need some ideas for things to try, here are some possibilities ~

  • Remember back to your teenage years and when you learned about kissing. Remember how hot that was? Try a kissing date where you spend the time kissing and being kissed. Don’t go any farther than kissing.
  • Read erotica aloud, to yourself or to your partner if you have one. There’s some wonderful erotica available. Go online or to a bookstore and look for an anthology like The Best Erotica of 2014.
  • Get in bed with your sweetie and lie looking into each other’s eyes. Take some deep breaths, continue gazing and feel yourselves getting in sync with each other. Feel the connection between your hearts and in your breathing. As you lie there, you may get inspired to continue gazing, stroke each other’s face, kiss, talk about fantasies, or be together without words or touch. Ride the waves as they arise with no agenda.
  • Talk sexy to each other. Tell your sweetie all the things you’d like to do with them and to them sexually. The purpose is the talk, not taking action. I call this “aural sex.”

You get the idea. Let your imagination go and get creative. This will not only help create intimacy, but will also restore your faith in you and your body.