Resources for Young Breast Cancer Patients

Sarah’s Resources for Young Breast Cancer Patients

Young breast cancer patientsAs a young breast cancer patient, Survivor Sarah Pascual explains that when diagnosed with cancer, she realized young women have challenges that are unique to older breast cancer patients.

You may be starting a new job, a new career, finishing school or even starting your own family. But unfortunately, in support groups for all ages, young patients struggle to discuss these topics that matter to them the most.

Watch the video below to find out what resources Sarah Pascual used as a young, breast cancer survivor.

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Sarah Pascual:  As a young survivor of breast cancer, the resources that I found were mostly online through research articles, different journals, and in textbooks and when it came to breast cancer resources targeted for young women, I looked into comment, I looked into the young survival coalition, so it keep a breast foundation and living beyond breast cancer. 

I try to find basically anything that I could get my hands on to see what they had out there for young woman to see what kind of treatment options were available, what kind of surgeries were available, and what kind of support systems were available.  At the time that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, we did not have a young survivor support group here in San Antonio. 

We had one that was for all cancer young adult cancer survivors, but nothing for young breast cancer survivors and it was until about two months later that they started a young women’s breast cancer survivor group and that’s me has been very helpful because the things that we face as young women are very different from what older women would were faced with infertility, starting a new job, new career, finishing school, and starting a family and sometimes those topics are not covered in different support groups that are open to any breast cancer survivor. 

With the young women survivor group, we are able to talk about these things and get different doctors on board to talk to us and give us lectures about it, so that we can find out more information for own benefit.