Sarah’s Tips for Breast Cancer Treatment

Tips to Get Through Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer TreatmentGoing through breast cancer treatment can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming process. But even though coming to terms with your diagnosis and getting the treatment can be difficult, we want you to know that we have met so many wonderful women that have survived this disease and kicked cancer’s butt.

Sarah Pascual is a brave, young breast cancer survivor who has undergone a mastectomy and chemotherapy. There are a lot of things Sarah wish she knew upon undergoing treatment, so she decided to spread her knowledge and prepare you for this life-changing process.

Watch the video below to find out how you can get through your breast cancer treatment.

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Sarah Pascual:  Some tips that I find very helpful when you are going through breast cancer treatment.  One of the things that you should do is right down everything from your doctor and keeps all of your reports as far as biopsies, surgery reports, anything that has to do with your breast cancer treatment, keep all of these papers because you never know when they will come in handy. 

I also suggests to people that they are going to chemo to have a chemo bag ready that had something that you can do while you are at chemo extra socks, gloves, or a blanket, or sweater, bring something to do like I would crochet, or I would have my tablet and I would watch Netflix or read on there or listen to music just so that you are not bored. 

I also brought playing cards and some of my friends would come and they sat with me and we play games, so I was in always by myself.  I always had my mom or some friends with me.  When it comes to having your mastectomy, you should also have a mastectomy bag, so that you are ready for when you come home from surgery and while you are in the hospital. 

I got a little pillow and it goes in between the seatbelt and my chest for when I was reconstructed and I keep it in my car.  It helps to keep the seatbelt from everything against your chest or against the reconstructed breast or the breast that was taken off. 

Other important things that I find are important when you have your mastectomy is having shirts that button down having shower chair sometimes is helpful if you really tired and it’s hard to move around, having something that you could have your drains hang on to is important and also having shower hat that is you can take down and kind of like move over your head that’s important because you loose. 

People don’t realize how much range of motion you loose when you have a mastectomy and it’s really painful and it’s really just hardening because you want to be able to do things for yourself and sometimes it’s hard to like go over that power and asking for someone yes I do need help.  I actually had to have a lot of help with even getting in and out of bed and getting to the bathroom and going to shower.  My mom and my sister were