Self-Esteem & Body Image After A Mastectomy

Mia Curtiss is a breast cancer survivor turned advocate, who tackles the topic of sex and breast cancer for Breast Cancer Answers. In this video, Mia explains what it’s like to have an altered body image after losing your breasts to a mastectomy.

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Mia Curtiss: After I had my double mastectomy, I was just so happy, I thought I was going to be alive, it was all going to be good, you know, my boobs were going to look good.  I do not think I really knew the depth of what was about to happen to me.  It has changed me because you do not, you go through a period of just feeling not very good about yourself and it is not like a week or too long, sometimes it is years and that is very hurtful as a woman.  You know you get out of bed and you look in the mirror and it is not a very pretty sight.  I find myself putting my clothes on quickly, getting dressed, so I can deal with the makeup, with the hair aspect of getting dressed and not deal with what my body looks like.  For me personally, I had a botched reconstructive surgery, I have one great booby now and one not so nice booby.  Hopefully, we are going to fix that.

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