Sex After Mastectomy, A Survivor’s Story

Mia Curtiss is a breast cancer survivor turned advocate, who tackles the topic of sex and breast cancer for Mia shares how her own experience of dealing with a loss of feeling in her breasts after a mastectomy.

Mia Curtis, Breast Cancer Survivor: After my double mastectomy, I had no feeling whatsoever in my breast area and still do not to this day. I am four years out. It has affected my sex life and the fact that you have no excitement level; you cannot get excited in the breast area. It is completely, it is different and it takes some getting used to. That being said, the flip side is I feel like vaginally I have more feeling than I ever had and I have come to a place that I am having great sex again. It took a lot of practice to get comfortable with myself and get comfortable with the way of my body felt or did not feel after the double mastectomy.

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