Understanding the Basics of Hormone Therapy

Basics of Hormone Therapy

Untitled design (69)As a Breast Cancer Patient or Survivor, you’ve probably experienced a plethora of breast cancaaer treatment information being thrown at you from the moment of your diagnosis, including Hormone Therapy.

It’s no wonder many of us take our doctor’s recommendations without giving their opinions a second thought. We often leave it up to doctors’ treatment recommendations as our guide to survival, trusting that what ever they say will work.

But as survivors, we are the captain of our ship, also known as our bodies.  We are in control, we should feel empowered to find out and know exactly what we are putting into our bodies, asking questions like, “Why do we take this form of our breast cancer treatment? How does it work?”

We put together a video explaining the basics of Hormone Therapy so you can better understand how your Hormone Therapy works to fight your cancer.

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