Proton Beam Therapy For Breast Cancer Treatment

Find out about the latest breast cancer research on external beam therapy, called “proton beam therapy.” Dr. Forouzannia explains that this therapy is still considered experimental.




Afshin Forouzannia, MD: Proton Beam Therapy is a form of external beam therapy, but instead of using photon rays like standard external beam does, they use proton, which is essentially a heavy particle.  The advantage of proton is that it gives or deposits its energy at a particular depth and then the dose falls off rapidly afterwards.

There are a lot of theoretical advantages to this potentially reducing toxicity, but at this point, it’s still considered experimental because there are only few proton centers around in the country and they haven’t been able to demonstrate any particular advantage compared to photon therapy, although there’s a lot of ongoing studies and we need to just learn more about this technology and how it can be used in the clinic.

Dr. Afshin Forouzannia is a board certified Radiation Oncologist and joined Valley Radiotherapy Associates Medical Group in 2007.  He received his B.A. from Michigan State University in 1994 and completed medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Michigan in 1998.  For the final two years of his residency at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Forouzannia acted as chief resident and has been an instructor for several medical school courses at the University of Wisconsin. He has had extensive experience with breast brachytherapy during his residency and his areas of clinical expertise include Brachytherapy, Breast, GYN and Prostate.

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