What Is Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer?

Explaining Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients

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Radiation therapy for breast cancer is a treatment option that has been available to breast cancer patients for many years. 

Despite its popularity, many newly diagnosed patients have often heard of radiation therapy but are unsure about what this treatment is. They wonder what radiation is and how this treatment will help them overcome breast cancer.

Radiation is most comparable to the light that you can see in ultraviolet or infrared. The goal of radiation therapy is to focus that beam on the targeted cancer area and rid you of breast cancer.

Radiation Oncologist Dr. Afshin Forouzannia explains what radiation therapy for breast cancer is in further detail and how we can use it to treat breast cancer.


Afshin Forouzannia:  So, patients often have heard of radiation therapy, but they are not sure exactly what it is, so we often get asked what exactly is radiation therapy.  So, I am going to spend a few seconds discussing what exactly it is and how we can use it to treat cancer.

So, often patients ask when they first come in what is radiation therapy and radiation is just a beam on the electromagnetic wavelength, kind of similar to the light that you can see, an ultraviolet and infrared, but it’s really far down on the spectrum, it is really short wavelength where they are high energy and you focus that beam on the involved area, the target area that you are interested in.

Our goal is to try to hit the cancer cells with that to try to kill the cancer cells and hopefully get rid of it and patient can move on and have a happy healthy life.