World Cancer Day Live Video Broadcast Event

To honor World Cancer Day on Feb. 4, Breast Cancer Answers hosted an hour-long live broadcast featuring interviews with cancer experts from all over the globe.

Dr. Julie Torode, Deputy CEO at the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), kicked of the live event with a discussion on the the state of cancer and common myths in Western Europe. One of the common myths, she explains, is that cancer is a death sentence. “If we can’t break through that big stigma, then people aren’t going to seek help, people aren’t going to be receptive to any messaging around prevention or seeking help early…” she said.

The second interview of the day was with Dr. Masaru Kuranami from Kitasato University, who shared an update on the state of cancer in Japan and discussed cancer prevention awareness in the country. Dr. Lisa Newman, the Director of the Breast Care Center for the University of Michigan then provided an update on the fight against cancer in Africa.

Next we were joined by Dr. Jacqueline Miller, Medical Director at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. She discusses the state of cancer in the U.S. and explains the CDC’s role in cancer prevention. The last two experts joining us were Annette Mattern, a breast cancer survivor and caregiver, and CSI: Miami star Eva LaRue.

We were proud to have worked with organizations including:

World Health Organization
American Cancer Society
Union for International Cancer Control
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Stand Up To Cancer

“Shedding light on different myths can start bringing truth to the cancer conversation,” said Dr. Jay K. Harness, MD, FACS, the medical director for Breast Cancer Answers and a past president of The American Society of Breast Surgeons. “We are honored to be able to educate people across such a large platform through Google+ Hangouts On Air.”